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Change has most certainly arrived


Well here we are 2 months into 2014 and I have been dealt my first large dose of change. I can’t say that I am entirely surprised, there was a part of me that knew this could happen any moment for the last 3 years. However, surprised or not, it is hard to be fully prepared for change…that’s why it’s called change! The best I can do is be as ready as I can with how to process a life blip.

Different can be scary, and right now it is scary. 

But, there is this other part of me, deeper inside me and not in my moment to moment thoughts, that knows this is good.Why? Because I value personal growth, rebirth, newness. Not in theory, but in reality and practical terms. I know that from this tearing down of my once manicured routine, I have the opportunity to reshape and rebuild – to grow. Sure I could have done this on my own before, but I didn’t. Now, I have been lovingly ‘kicked out the door’ to make this happen, ready or not.

Well, I’m ready.

This is not a crossroads. Full steam ahead into my great unknown.


Winter in the Forest

Colorado Forest

Just a simple photo of a forest in winter time.

Colorado Forest

Images on Sale!

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Maui Dusk


The Heavens


Cars and Coffee-13




CarsCoffee 3_23_13-020

Wyoming Road




Kauai Leaf



Hanalei Pier

Laguna Beach


The best camera…

…is the one in your pocket, or the saying goes something like that. While I will leave that up to debate for you guys, here is a picture from my HTC One X cell phone. Not too shabby, right? This was taken at the gardens inside The Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

Getty Garden

Beauty at Sunset

Beauty at Sunset

I love this picture. So peaceful, so beautiful.

Beauty at Sunset

Nature’s Grandeur


The Heavens

Big Bird!

Cambria Birds-6

I recently took a trip to Cambria, CA for the weekend, just to get away. While there, amidst relaxing and just taking in the relaxing surroundings, there were these large birds playing in the coastal winds (sorry, I don’t know what kind they were – maybe you can tell me!). They are incredible animals and it was awesome to watch them play in their natural habitat!

Mostly a black and white set, but I liked this color version below and wanted to share that one too.

Cambria Birds-1

Cambria Birds-10

Cambria Birds-9

Cambria Birds-8

Cambria Birds-7

Cambria Birds-6

Cambria Birds-5

Cambria Birds-4

Cambria Birds-3

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A few samples of some of my popular images:

The Road


LB Paddler



Waterfall - Kauai



Sunset - Kauai




Flower - Kauai




The Road - Kauai




Kauai Sunrise



Hanalei Pier



Kauai Leaf







Christmas Bench









Laguna Beach Sunset


The Old Man and the Sea


Man and the Sea


I must point out that I originally wanted to call this “The Man and the Sea” but that did not quite have the flare or familiarity as throwing “old” into there too….Sorry dad :)!

Superman’s View

I imagine that when Superman does his thing and ‘up, up and away-s’ that he cruises around to views like this. I was able to grab this image tonight that really made me feel like I was up in the clouds too and wanted to share :)


Have a great week ahead!

Wishing I was here

Serenity. Enjoy.

Before & After

I recently took a business trip to Calgary, AB Canada and, of course, took my camera. I still plan on posting a few more pics from the trip, but in the meantime, I had to share this Before & After image. The image below was captured at approximately 7:30pm in a rural park. It was very dark outside, but I had a fast lens (F1.4) on my camera and knew I would be able to extract some light; not to mention I shoot in the RAW format and this allows me to drastically adjust exposure to my own liking.

The park was so quiet, calm, and even serene. Being born and raised in the desert in Southern California only added to the spectacle I was experiencing. I snapped the shot below and knew I had a decent image, but I knew I would have to wait until I got it onto the computer to really see what I got. I was able to extract so much light, that the ‘After’ picture looks like it was taken mid day with the sun out! Also, the processing I did gave the image a slight “painting” feel as a result which I think really added to the final result, kinda surreal.

In any case, I think the latter picture really ‘feels’ like December and I wanted to share!




Wild Beauty

Over the summer I visited the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. I highly recommend visiting this place if you get the chance. Most animals are able to roam free in large open exhibits. Below are a few of the animals that caught my eye and lens.


Meet the Shoebill Stork. This is a LARGE bird and one of the only animals I have ever seen that actually looks emotional – as in angry. Very intimidating.


Fuzzy Heads

Caught this little guy hanging out.

These guys know who’s boss and have no problem relaxing in the sun.

Perfect Conclusion

After wrapping up the photo sessions from my previous two posts, me and my dad swang over to the local lake. It was just in time to capture a beautiful, peaceful sunset. It was a Wonderful way to wrap up the day.


A murder of Crows

No, crows were not murdered in the creation of this post… in case you don’t know, that is what a group of 2 or more crows is called – A “murder of crows.” Such a strange expression, but I relish the opportunity to use it for the same reason! :)

It’s a rare stormy day here in Southern CA and I happened to notice these three crows keeping watch on a empty construction site across the street. It seemed somehow perfect on such a gloomy day, like something from an Edgar Allan Poe poem. After I took the picture, I thought I would try my hand at using textures in Photoshop. I have never used textures before, but for some reason thought that the right texture would bring out the mood I was feeling when looking at this scene. For my first attempt, I was pleased.!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday


It was worth it…

This last Friday it rained most of the day. As the rain stopped and the clouds began to clear, my wife and I decided to take the dogs out for a brief walk. Now I live on the 3rd floor of my building so when I went outside I was able to see that the ensuing sunset would probably be awesome (I could only see enough sky to be teased at what might be)! So, at that moment I decided that I had to see what the full sunset turned out looking like – I went back for my camera and car keys and decided to bolt up to a high ground I know to see if there was a view. I invited my wife and dogs, but they wanted to stay and pee on things (primarily the dogs, that is).

After I was at the spot for about 15 minutes, shooting pics, it hit me that on my dash out of the apartment I locked the door because I fully expected my wife to join me! Mind you it was pretty chilly this time of day and my wife, who needs a blanket when it is 75 outside, was in a T-Shirt and pajama pants with the dogs… and now locked outside. So after it finally hit me that my wife was locked out, probably freezing and without a phone, I [took a few more photos] bolted back home. When I arrived it had been about 30 minutes since I left and she was out on the sidewalk giving me a look that seemed to say “well, what do you have to say for yourself?” I just rolled the window down and said “SORRY”… Turns out she was very understanding and didn’t care. Whew!

I reached my spot and had a pretty nice view for such short notice. The sunset/sky/clouds were amazing. The natural grandeur of a “simple” sunset after a rain is breathtaking. I wish I could have spent a bit longer out there, but I was happy with what I was able to see and the few photos I shot.

Sign out where I was shooting


This was my first attempt a portraits. I definitely enjoyed the process, but have a ways to go. I can tell that this is a genre of photography that I can see myself really getting into! To start off with, I have easy access to a beautiful lady…my wife ;).

We had the idea for me to practice photos, so we jumped in the car one evening and just drove. We were looking for anywhere appealing outdoors just as an excuse to get out and shoot. Luckily we came across an undeveloped lot of land that looked out over the city, letting the sunset in perfectly. I think I got there a little too late because I did not have as much time as I would have liked to photograph. However, with that being the case, I am pretty happy with the way these turned out.

Adventures in Colorado

My day job recently took me to Colorado. During the down times in between appointments, I was able to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings I was in to snap some photos. Colorado is a beautiful state with amazing mountain peaks and rolling hills. I made it briefly into Wyoming for a few hours and was also impressed by the natural beauty. While in CO, I was able to travel around a majority of the state, which is why this post has some very differing photos – but that is also one of the reasons I like this group of photos quite a bit. The air was so crisp and fresh and I feel like I can take in a deep breath of the same when looking back at these photos. Enjoy the natural beauty!

USA Olympic Headquarters


Learning to Appreciate

For Labor Day I visited my family. They live down in the desert of CA where a typical summer day is 115 - almost just as typical are 120 degree days. So after visiting I drove back up to Orange County and after the three hour drive, I arrived. The beautiful weather got me thinking how I do not appreciate the beauty of where I live enough. It was this thought that made me take a spontaneous left to Laguna Beach instead of the right turn that lead home. I drove down to the beach with my wife and two dogs and we walked along the beach. It was perfect timing – I drove straight to the closest parking and found a parking spot open – that alone is a miracle during the summer time! We arrived just in time to catch a beautiful sunset; I was able to snap a few photos – What a confirmation of thoughts!








This was a great lesson in appreciating the beauty that surrounds me.

Hanging out in Julian, CA

I took a trip to Julian, CA this last weekend for my 1 year anniversary of marriage. We had a great time hanging out in the small mountain town eating apple pie, treats, and home made juice. While there, I snapped off a few photos of the surrounding area. I do not have a proper zoom lens yet and missed quite a few animal opportunities…We saw deer, turkeys, hawks, lizards. Oh well, maybe next time!

Julian Sunset over Lake Cuyamaca (added to post 9/5/11)

The Virgin Mary

Beautiful Countryside

Where the wild sleeps at night

One Year Anniversary

Disco Chickens

Old Paint


White picket fence surrounding an abandoned yard

Old Door

From a root’s point of view

A puddle of water had gathered in a small notch in one of this tree’s roots. This is the reflection (view) that was created. It almost even looks like the shape of an eye.

A Wonderful World. Post #1

Old Water Faucet

Post numero uno, number one, primo post-a-lino, get-n-r-dun.

When I am seeing through my photography eyes, not my everyday have to get tasks done etc. eyes, I wake up. What I mean is I see beauty, light, colors, shapes, emotion. I realize that at all times we live in A Wonderful World. This blog is a dedication to that perspective – a celebration of all things beautiful.

Here are a few photos from a recent photo walk I went on. It was at Oneil Park in Orange County, CA. It was early in the morning and a heavy fog had rolled in and filled the canyon.


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