That will do!

I was driving around the other day looking for anything interesting to shoot (I had just rented the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 Lens!). I knew these massive hangars were near by and thought it would be cool to shoot, but they are on an old military base which is closed off to the public. I decided to look for a random vantage point, not having much hope since I know the general area pretty well… But wait, whats this!? A road I was not familiar with which led towards one of the hangars, nice! Not only did the road lead to a great view of one of these things, but it just so happened that a blimp had just been pulled out (for what purpose, I do not know)! To add a cherry on top of my find, there was a small section of the fence that had been cut away, a perfect peep-hole for my lens :).

I chose to edit this way because the whole feel of the image felt older, from another time. In my mind, this is how I saw this moment.

Click for larger view


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