A Good Friend

Meet Mark. Mark is one of my best friends and I was excited to get the chance to make some portraits with him. Mark is really into body surfing; I think he goes to the water practically everyday – and he is really good too! He has even won a couple competitions! For this reason, I really wanted to shoot the photos by the ocean to capture him in his ‘natural habitat’.

These train tracks ran right next to the water and I had to incorporate them somehow. This shot came to mind because to me, in a way, it was a great representation of Mark. The rough train tracks are the pathway of so much force and fury, yet Mark is calmly and peacefully right in the middle. If you know him like I do, you would know this represents the daily journey to be at peace in the midst of adversity and chaos.

Here, Mark is surveying the ocean surf…contemplating if picture time is over and surfing time should begin! 🙂


It was a blast shooting my buddy. Even though I was focused on getting the good shots, we were having fun!



I love this shot. To me, it is such a real moment – just Mark, relaxed being himself.


One thought on “A Good Friend

  1. Nate Buckner February 6, 2012 / 8:13 pm

    Mark looks damn sexy in those photos! Great job catching that in the photo Andy!

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