“Don’t” bring your camera on your wife’s birthday!

Took a trip down to La Jolla, CA last Saturday for my wife’s B-Day and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day! Since I wanted to give all my attention to her, I didn’t dare bring my camera…. because once I whip that thing out, it’s “bye-bye Andy” and we can’t have that on her B-Day, right? Right. Well, what I wasn’t counting on, nor was she, was that my new phone has a pretty awesome camera on it… This was my first time really digging into it and I was really surprised at how good some of the shots were!

Well, after this discovery and wading knee-deep into the oncoming rising tide taking photos, I caught myself and waded back out of the water before I got cold from the water and the cold shoulder from the wife ;). I only kid about that part though, she has no problem with these little mini excursions – she was taking pictures of me out in the water trying to get the shot below. 🙂

Happy 4th of July!

Taken with HTC One X phone

Me as my sanctuary rock is quickly getting swallowed up…


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