Cars, Cars and more Cars….& Coffee

For being such a performance auto enthusiast, I feel ashamed that today is my first time ever making it over to the weekly local car gathering, Cars and Coffee. Local car lovers and owners gather to gawk, stare, drool, chat, tout and photograph all kinds of different autos of various makes and model years. From old school beauties to the cutting edge rockets with tires, this is a fantastic place to spend a Saturday morning. Southern California has no shortage of people with nice cars and this is a way to see them, and hear them, all in one place.

You can check out the official site for this gathering here: As always, click on an image for a larger version.

Cars and Coffee-13

Cars and Coffee-15


Cars and Coffee-12


Cars and Coffee-11


Cars and Coffee-10


Cars and Coffee-9


Cars and Coffee-8


Cars and Coffee-7


Cars and Coffee-6


Cars and Coffee-14


Cars and Coffee-5


Cars and Coffee-4


Cars and Coffee-3


Cars and Coffee-2


Cars and Coffee-1




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