I am Mandy Made!

Hi everyone! I really good buddy of mine, Mandy, has been selling these amazingly fun, handcrafted cards for a while now. She makes each set one card at a time, putting all her attention and energy into each and every card, wow! I recently took a few photos for her website and wanted to share them with you. The detail and overall vibe from her cards are so much more engaging than the store-bought cards. I encourage you to check out her site and hit her up if you have any needs. She does scrapbooks, weddings, special occasions, business events, or just if you need one or two cards. Mandy even did all the invites, announcements, and table cards for my wedding! I can’t recommend her highly enough.


Mandy Made February 2013-83

Mandy Made February 2013-98

Mandy Made February 2013-122

Mandy Made February 2013-135

Mandy Made February 2013-140

Mandy Made February 2013-150

Mandy Made February 2013-181

Mandy Made February 2013-184

Mandy Made February 2013-216

Mandy Made February 2013-273

Mandy Made February 2013-310


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