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To celebrate the new look for my blog, I put together a few collages with a some of my favorite photos from each of these categories: Portraits, Nature, Automobiles, Athletes, and Animals.

Be sure to take the poll at the bottom and vote for your favorite! Also, leave a comment with your thoughts on the new look & feel of the blog!

This change up comes in anticipation of the new year and my recent relocation to the greater Denver, CO area. The change has made me and my family happy, so this is a bit of a happier look for my site! 🙂

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Portrait Collage
Portrait Collage
Nature Collage
Nature Collage
Automobile Collage
Automobile Collage
Athlete Collage
Athlete Collage
Animal Collage
Animal Collage



BMW M5 Action

This is a BMW E39 M5 in action on a cloudy California day. Even though this model is 2 generations old, it still runs circles around most current cars. It’s a cruiser most of the time, but when it wants to be, it will beat the road down with no mercy, shift after shift. Pure enjoyment. This image captures a moment of one of these pavement pounding sessions. It got my adrenaline pumping hanging out the window, but it was worth it because I really dig this shot!

I actually posted a B&W version of this photo a while back, but never shared this version. I really like this one and never got around to showing you. I hope you enjoy it.!

E39 M5 Side Running

Showstopper ///M

This car is mean. This car is performance. This car is beautiful.

I came across this piece of art earlier today and had to show it to you. Not only did BMW fine tune this ultimate driving machine, but the owner took it a step further and made some very tasteful and jaw dropping enhancements. As you can see, this car is a showstopper on and off the track. Enjoy.

Happy weekend!


Cars and Coffee #2

I headed over to Cars and Coffee for my second round last weekend, pretty hard not to like this event with such a diverse showing of autos. This time around it seemed to have more classic cars, although I did get close and personal with a flaming orange Lamborghini Ventador! I love cars, so here is my tribute for this particular week’s showing. I think this may be a recurring theme throughout the blog as I go forward!


CarsCoffee 3_23_13-003



CarsCoffee 3_23_13-011



CarsCoffee 3_23_13-020



CarsCoffee 3_23_13-022



CarsCoffee 3_23_13-024



CarsCoffee 3_23_13-028



CarsCoffee 3_23_13-035



CarsCoffee 3_23_13-036



Cars, Cars and more Cars….& Coffee

For being such a performance auto enthusiast, I feel ashamed that today is my first time ever making it over to the weekly local car gathering, Cars and Coffee. Local car lovers and owners gather to gawk, stare, drool, chat, tout and photograph all kinds of different autos of various makes and model years. From old school beauties to the cutting edge rockets with tires, this is a fantastic place to spend a Saturday morning. Southern California has no shortage of people with nice cars and this is a way to see them, and hear them, all in one place.

You can check out the official site for this gathering here: As always, click on an image for a larger version.

Cars and Coffee-13

Cars and Coffee-15


Cars and Coffee-12


Cars and Coffee-11


Cars and Coffee-10


Cars and Coffee-9


Cars and Coffee-8


Cars and Coffee-7


Cars and Coffee-6


Cars and Coffee-14


Cars and Coffee-5


Cars and Coffee-4


Cars and Coffee-3


Cars and Coffee-2


Cars and Coffee-1



Pure Performance

This is a BMW M3 – say hello. Do not be offended if it does not say hello back, for it does not worry itself with such petty things. It is a wild, ravenous animal in the guise of sedan itching to be set loose. It has one thing on its mind – run, run very fast.

I was happy with the way this photo turned out. It really highlights all the lines in the car. I meant for it to be dark to show emphasis on all the details that make this car stand out from its lesser brethren.


The Power of M

I had the chance to take a few auto shots of my friend’s BMW M5 recently. This was my first attempt to shoot a car in an interesting manner, so there are a few different perspectives below. I didn’t quite get what I had imagined in my head, but it is a start!

The first two shots were taken using a new wide angle lens I recently got (Tokina 11-16mm F/2.8). I haven’t taken a lot of shots yet, but I am definitely liking it so far. The last two shots were taken using the Nikon 35mm F/1.8.

I had a blast shooting this car because that meant plenty of excuses to do speed runs! 0-60 in about 4.5 seconds….mmmmm5.