Home for the Holidays: Dog Rescue

Last weekend I covered an adoption event being held at the local animal shelter. It was a pretty cool event with a lot of vendors, food trucks, and of course, a lot of animals that wanted a new home. I chose to edit this set in black and white because I wanted all the focus on the dog with no distraction, so you can get a glimpse into his/her personality and see the real emotion residing in these loving animals. I have not yet rescued a dog from a shelter, but you can be assured that I will when I am able.

Being at this event and seeing so many dogs (and other animals, but canines were dominant) that were in such ‘good condition’ with such sweet personalities blew me away. I suppose I have blocked out the reality of animal shelters, but this brought it home to me. These little furballs of joy only want to love and connect, how can they be locked up in a cage with no family to bring smiles to? As you look at these pictures, see yearning in their eyes, you won’t have to look hard. I don’t mean for this post to be a sad one, just to give a glimpse of the beautiful dogs that can use a helping hand. At the end you see a shot of a doggy and her brand new owners, happy day!


And now for something completely different!

My other passion in life is my dogs. This little guy right here is Skippy. Skippy found out early on that if he acts really cute and begs, he often gets what he wants. I was able to catch him in the act in the video below. He even made it on to a Nickelodeon TV show for this performance!

I don’s get it on video, but Skippy does indeed sneak a lick when I wasn’t looking. Don’t let him fool you, though, he gets a lot of doggy treats every day!!

Enjoy this brief but precious video!


Beauty sleep can be a profession…

Say hello to Sarah. She is a proper young woman weighing in at a whopping 4.5 pounds. She manages to stay so beautiful because she has mastered the art of beauty sleep. If you ever are fortunate enough to meet her, let me pre-warn you that you may want to bring your nose plugs…because as good as she is at beauty sleep, she is even better at stealthily licking inside one’s nostrils. You have been warned.


Happy Saturday!




The 3 Amigos

Say hello to the Three Amigos! The little on in the middle, Sarah, thinks she runs the show, so I let her sit in the middle to make her happy. The one on the left, Skippy, is Sarah’s brother. He is a happy Teddy Bear and will do anything you ask him to because he loves you. The one on the right, Squiggie, is Skippy and Sarah’s cousin. He was visiting this Easter weekend and these three had a great time playing!

I had to snap this shot as a reminder of these little guys since Squiggie had to go home. It isn’t the clearest, I had to hurry because they don’t sit still long. Besides that, I love this picture because these guys are such good boys… and girl 🙂

Here’s to man’s best friend!


When I have not had the chance to get out and shoot, my dogs always provide some practice for me! I snapped these the other day and wanted to share, mainly because I think my little “snowman” is so cute. 🙂

This is Skippy. He is half Shih Tzu and half Bichon Frise. He is about 3 years old and his favorite thing to do is cuddle. Apparently this breed is known as a “Teddy Bear”… this is spot on! Oh, his other favorite things to do are eat treats, beg for treats, beg for belly scratches, and beat up on his little sister, Sarah – AKA Princess Lillian (mini Chihuahua in my other posts). Don’t ask me where that name came from…it just happened one day.


Have a great day/night


Hangin Around the House

I don’t have a whole lot to say on this one, other than I love my wife and dogs. This has been a lazy weekend, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was lounging with my wife and dogs and managed to snap off a few photos. Looking back at them now, these pictures really captured the moment. Seeing them makes me smile and be grateful for my family. Have a great week!

Side Portrait of Sarah

Sarah and Momma in a staring contest…with Skippy chillin’

Skippy doing what he does best, giving Momma kisses

The little princess

“What you looking at?”

Lazy Sunday

Sometimes I just need to be lazy. This is my dog, Skippy, teaching me how to fully appreciate the power of a Lazy Sunday…. Of course I still have some learning to do since I felt the urge to take a picture, edit, upload, blog about it, etc…. but hey, I promise to rest after I am finished here! 🙂 After a busy week(s), a day of rest is so Wonderful and needed! To all my fellow creatives and doers, don’t forget to chillout every once in a while! Pick a Sunday and make it a lazy one; it just might be more productive than you think!

The best thing to I should “do” can often be nothing, the best thing to come out of my mouth is often silence. This is what I call being Actively Lazy. 😉

Happy Sunday