Pretty Girl Portraits + Pretty Girl Poll

Catchy title, right? Got you in here! But hey, at least I am not lying.

So I was able to spend some time in the studio a few weeks back and I am just now having the time to share them with you. I was really happy with the way the session turned out. These two lovely ladies happen to be sisters, good genes if you ask me! For this particular session, we did not have an overall theme we were shooting for, but really just going with the flow and seeing what we could create. With that in mind, check it out below and let me know what you think!

BTW, the first and last picture are the same image, just one is B&W obviously. I felt like this particular image worked so well in both styles that I had to show both to do them justice… Poll below for which you like better, I am super curious at which is preferred in the eye of the beholder!

I & A Studio Session-45_2

I & A Studio Session-72_2-3

I & A Studio Session-95_2

I & A Studio Session-23_2

I & A Studio Session-101_2-2

I & A Studio Session-36_2

I & A Studio Session-200-4

I & A Studio Session-45_2-2



The Getaway


Big Bird!

I recently took a trip to Cambria, CA for the weekend, just to get away. While there, amidst relaxing and just taking in the relaxing surroundings, there were these large birds playing in the coastal winds (sorry, I don’t know what kind they were – maybe you can tell me!). They are incredible animals and it was awesome to watch them play in their natural habitat!

Mostly a black and white set, but I liked this color version below and wanted to share that one too.

Cambria Birds-1

Cambria Birds-10

Cambria Birds-9

Cambria Birds-8

Cambria Birds-7

Cambria Birds-6

Cambria Birds-5

Cambria Birds-4

Cambria Birds-3

A Few Thoughts

If we never venture into the unknown, we will never experience anything new.

Sometimes the right path is made of dirt, rocks, and surrounded by fog. It doesn’t change the fact that you are on the right path.

By not risking success, we guarantee mediocrity.

B&W Fun

I received a new lens tonight and wanted to try it out! Below is a picture of a piece of wall art I have in my house and a self picture. I played with these and turned them into B&W and really liked the results! So, have a great day/night and here’s to having fun:




This was my first attempt a portraits. I definitely enjoyed the process, but have a ways to go. I can tell that this is a genre of photography that I can see myself really getting into! To start off with, I have easy access to a beautiful lady…my wife ;).

We had the idea for me to practice photos, so we jumped in the car one evening and just drove. We were looking for anywhere appealing outdoors just as an excuse to get out and shoot. Luckily we came across an undeveloped lot of land that looked out over the city, letting the sunset in perfectly. I think I got there a little too late because I did not have as much time as I would have liked to photograph. However, with that being the case, I am pretty happy with the way these turned out.

Hangin Around the House

I don’t have a whole lot to say on this one, other than I love my wife and dogs. This has been a lazy weekend, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was lounging with my wife and dogs and managed to snap off a few photos. Looking back at them now, these pictures really captured the moment. Seeing them makes me smile and be grateful for my family. Have a great week!

Side Portrait of Sarah

Sarah and Momma in a staring contest…with Skippy chillin’

Skippy doing what he does best, giving Momma kisses

The little princess

“What you looking at?”

Lazy Sunday

Sometimes I just need to be lazy. This is my dog, Skippy, teaching me how to fully appreciate the power of a Lazy Sunday…. Of course I still have some learning to do since I felt the urge to take a picture, edit, upload, blog about it, etc…. but hey, I promise to rest after I am finished here! 🙂 After a busy week(s), a day of rest is so Wonderful and needed! To all my fellow creatives and doers, don’t forget to chillout every once in a while! Pick a Sunday and make it a lazy one; it just might be more productive than you think!

The best thing to I should “do” can often be nothing, the best thing to come out of my mouth is often silence. This is what I call being Actively Lazy. 😉

Happy Sunday