Mounted Marbles

While walking the dogs the other day I cam across a playground in a local park. There was this piece of the play structure that just had a bunch glass bulbs (like big marbles). During the right time of the day, the sunlight shines through these balls and I thought it was pretty cool. Here is a close up shot; it was dusk and the natural light was on the other side.


Color in a Decaying World

While visiting my family for Thanksgiving, I told my dad I wanted to go shoot some pictures and then asked if he had any recommendations on locations. I told him I was looking for some sort of abandoned, old “something”. He said he knew just the place and so we set out into the country. We arrived at an abandoned feed mill. This place used to provide food for the many different cow farms in the valley where they live (and I grew up). Perfect!

Much to my surprise, this abandoned mill had been turned into a graffiti artist’s canvas. Graffiti was everywhere! What immediately jumped out at me was the amount of detailed/grand pieces amongst the random yammerings of the local gangs. They were so colorful and well done in this old and decaying environment that I had to take these photos. An interesting thing to point out is that this is not a place that people go to. This is out in the sticks of a small town. These were done purely for limited viewing and appreciation. By the way, I have a few more photos coming that play on the mill environment, seperate from the graffiti; I will put those up in another post.


I am not sure what this stands for, but the creator put a lot of time and color into this one. It stood out like….a color painting on an old oat mill wall…


Spatula? In any case, this had a great presence.

I intentionally ‘colored’ in this photo below sloppily to somewhat mimic the graffiti style. The color is what was there, I did not add any color. The surroundings in this room were so decayed up against this color that I had to dramatize this fact by greying out everything but the color.

Graffiti Rainbow!

This wall had also been attacked by local paintballers. This just added to the color in the grim environment.

A murder of Crows

No, crows were not murdered in the creation of this post… in case you don’t know, that is what a group of 2 or more crows is called – A “murder of crows.” Such a strange expression, but I relish the opportunity to use it for the same reason! 🙂

It’s a rare stormy day here in Southern CA and I happened to notice these three crows keeping watch on a empty construction site across the street. It seemed somehow perfect on such a gloomy day, like something from an Edgar Allan Poe poem. After I took the picture, I thought I would try my hand at using textures in Photoshop. I have never used textures before, but for some reason thought that the right texture would bring out the mood I was feeling when looking at this scene. For my first attempt, I was pleased.!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday


B&W Fun

I received a new lens tonight and wanted to try it out! Below is a picture of a piece of wall art I have in my house and a self picture. I played with these and turned them into B&W and really liked the results! So, have a great day/night and here’s to having fun:




When I have not had the chance to get out and shoot, my dogs always provide some practice for me! I snapped these the other day and wanted to share, mainly because I think my little “snowman” is so cute. 🙂

This is Skippy. He is half Shih Tzu and half Bichon Frise. He is about 3 years old and his favorite thing to do is cuddle. Apparently this breed is known as a “Teddy Bear”… this is spot on! Oh, his other favorite things to do are eat treats, beg for treats, beg for belly scratches, and beat up on his little sister, Sarah – AKA Princess Lillian (mini Chihuahua in my other posts). Don’t ask me where that name came from…it just happened one day.


Have a great day/night



This was my first attempt a portraits. I definitely enjoyed the process, but have a ways to go. I can tell that this is a genre of photography that I can see myself really getting into! To start off with, I have easy access to a beautiful lady…my wife ;).

We had the idea for me to practice photos, so we jumped in the car one evening and just drove. We were looking for anywhere appealing outdoors just as an excuse to get out and shoot. Luckily we came across an undeveloped lot of land that looked out over the city, letting the sunset in perfectly. I think I got there a little too late because I did not have as much time as I would have liked to photograph. However, with that being the case, I am pretty happy with the way these turned out.

Awake and Alive

I was listening to Awake and Alive by Skillet today ad found it inspiring. I have heard it plenty of times before, but today the words resonated with some of the issues that are going on in my life. I wanted to share in case it resonates with any of you:

I’m at war with the world
And they try to pull me into the dark
I struggle to find my faith
As I’m slipping from your arms…

I’m awake, I’m alive
Now I know what I believe inside
Now it’s my time
I’ll do what I want ’cause this is my life

(Here, right now)
Right here, right now
Stand my ground and never back down
I know what I believe inside
I’m awake, and I’m alive

Of course there are more lyrics, but these stood out to me. It feels victorious, ya know? Like – I am better than these things that have been draining me and I can rise above it and succeed!

These casual photos represent a feeling of peace or victory to me:

  This beach was only accessible by a boat or by a a good 2 hour hike along the Napoli coast in Kauai. It was secluded and perfectly serene – Well worth the hike!

  These flowers grow wild along the cliffs of Laguna Beach, CA. Natural Beauty in fine action!

  Flying in Kauai – no better feeling.

  One with the Ocean! I like to call this one Poseidon 🙂

  This just makes me smile. Off to side was a massive drop down the Napoli coast mountains. Beauty AND danger! 😉

We have what it takes to succeed!

See ya later