So this is my first attempt at a tilt-shift image. Not the most ideal setting, but kinda works. If you are not familiar with what tilt-shift is, it is a photographic style that manipulates focus to imitate a miniature scene from a full size scene. In the image below i think the scene as a whole kinda looks like a model with little fake trees on the perimeter and little fake cows. This was taken in Central CA from atop a hill. Gorgeous countryside.

Anyways – check out tilt-shift in general and tell me what you think in the comments. I will be trying to find better settings in the future. Clicking on the image twice for full size gives the best perspective.

Tilt Shift


Fading Details

My previous post focused on the contrasting color and decay of the graffiti at the old feed mill. This post looks at a couple of the details surrounding the mill. The old buildings and machinery are testament to a once lively operation. However, all that is left are small, rusty and deteriorating details.