New look for + Collages + Polls!

To celebrate the new look for my blog, I put together a few collages with a some of my favorite photos from each of these categories: Portraits, Nature, Automobiles, Athletes, and Animals.

Be sure to take the poll at the bottom and vote for your favorite! Also, leave a comment with your thoughts on the new look & feel of the blog!

This change up comes in anticipation of the new year and my recent relocation to the greater Denver, CO area. The change has made me and my family happy, so this is a bit of a happier look for my site! 🙂

Best viewed LARGE, so click to enlarge.

Portrait Collage
Portrait Collage
Nature Collage
Nature Collage
Automobile Collage
Automobile Collage
Athlete Collage
Athlete Collage
Animal Collage
Animal Collage



Teaser – more to come

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with my friend Darlene and create some awesome images. We were treated to a beautiful Southern California evening in Laguna Beach. There are a lot more from this shoot that I can’t wait to share, but for now here is one to hold you (and me!) over.

As the sun was setting it cast a beautiful golden light that really made Darlene’s eyes pop. More soon!

Portrait at Dusk

Christmas Puppy Wallpaper Anyone?

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas! Below  I have put a high-resolution version of the photo so you can download it as a wallpaper. I now have it set as my computer wallpaper, phone wallpaper, and my TV wallpaper! I might be a little biased since this is my little guy 🙂  Can’t go wrong with a cuddly doggy in a Santa outfit during Christmas season…enjoy!

Be sure to click a few times to get to the full size photo. Right-click and Save as.


My first Poll! Make your voice heard!

Hey everyone! My Portfolio site has just been updated, please check it out! It is a nice consolidation of the images I like most. I especially like the new full screen homepage. Let me know what you think!

Portfolio (

Feel free to give me other topics you may want to see a poll for! It is a fun feature 🙂

This Picture has nothing to do with this post…just love this little guy!
Skippy Portrait

And now for something completely different!

My other passion in life is my dogs. This little guy right here is Skippy. Skippy found out early on that if he acts really cute and begs, he often gets what he wants. I was able to catch him in the act in the video below. He even made it on to a Nickelodeon TV show for this performance!

I don’s get it on video, but Skippy does indeed sneak a lick when I wasn’t looking. Don’t let him fool you, though, he gets a lot of doggy treats every day!!

Enjoy this brief but precious video!


I am Mandy Made!

Hi everyone! I really good buddy of mine, Mandy, has been selling these amazingly fun, handcrafted cards for a while now. She makes each set one card at a time, putting all her attention and energy into each and every card, wow! I recently took a few photos for her website and wanted to share them with you. The detail and overall vibe from her cards are so much more engaging than the store-bought cards. I encourage you to check out her site and hit her up if you have any needs. She does scrapbooks, weddings, special occasions, business events, or just if you need one or two cards. Mandy even did all the invites, announcements, and table cards for my wedding! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Mandy Made February 2013-83

Mandy Made February 2013-98

Mandy Made February 2013-122

Mandy Made February 2013-135

Mandy Made February 2013-140

Mandy Made February 2013-150

Mandy Made February 2013-181

Mandy Made February 2013-184

Mandy Made February 2013-216

Mandy Made February 2013-273

Mandy Made February 2013-310

Beauty sleep can be a profession…

Say hello to Sarah. She is a proper young woman weighing in at a whopping 4.5 pounds. She manages to stay so beautiful because she has mastered the art of beauty sleep. If you ever are fortunate enough to meet her, let me pre-warn you that you may want to bring your nose plugs…because as good as she is at beauty sleep, she is even better at stealthily licking inside one’s nostrils. You have been warned.


Happy Saturday!




A Star is born!

This picture and the one below are from a casual session I did with my niece and nephew over Mother’s Day weekend. I will be posting a set later, but in the meantime I wanted to share this beautiful little girl and her SUPER younger brother in the post below.

My niece in this picture  loves to pose for the camera, dress up pretty and ham up activities. She would be perfect as a little actress. For now, I will be her paparazzi.