Snow? What’s that?

Coming from the deserts and beaches of California, we aren’t too familiar with snow….fast forward to us living in Colorado and that is quickly changing! We find ourselves going outside in heavy snow to just wander around and be in it, which is fun! Totally new life experiences for us that I am glad we will be able to look back on.


My snow princess!

Snow Princess


Times Past

This chair sits alone in the middle of nowhere, decaying away into nothing. Its current condition speaks to its recent life where all value was lost by those keeping care of it.

But, I cant help but think about this chair’s times past when I look at such a contrast. This chair had a period in its life that saw gratitude from its owners.

Excitement when it was purchased.

Pride when the designer finished his/her design.

Relief  and comfort when sat in after a long day’s work.



Desert Winter Wonderland

I recently took a trip out to the desert and had a few brief moments to capture a few photos (click for full/bigger photos). The desert is deceptively beautiful  especially during the winter and the pictures below speaks that to me.

I want to go explore every inch of the landscape here, it just looks so different and interesting! However, among the beauty is water-less surroundings for miles, dangerous wildlife, landscape dangers (127 Hours anyone?), etc.


I was just passing through, though, and the 4×4 truck I was in wasn’t forcing me to rough it too bad…unless you count losing cell phone reception for 10 minutes a particularly dangerous thing. The area we were in (Glamis, CA) is very popular for off-road vehicles of all types – especially during Thanksgiving weekend.

You can see a couple of ‘dune buggies’ at the top of that peak taking in the scenery. You can also see all the tracks of the thousands of different vehicles that have passed through the same area recently.

I saw a couple of off-road vehicles chillin’ out and caught a few of them.Buggy

Baja Bug


The desert can be just as beautiful during the winter as a snows-cape mountain – it is just…different. You get the chance to really take in the beauty, sights, smells & sounds, that you might miss during the blazing summer.

Happy Holidays everyone!