Road to the Rockies

It’s been a while since I posted, miss me? Moving to a new state and starting a new job, turns out, is pretty time-consuming. Who would’ve thought? I have had to put my photography on a bit of a back-burner, but I hope to get things going again here soon! I was out in the Rockies this last weekend and it was amazing.

The shot below is a small step in the right direction. I hope to better hone my landscape skills out here with such ample subjects!

Road to the Rocky Mountains


People Showcase Showdown!

Tonight I updated the landing page on my portfolio, showcasing some of my favorite people photos! Check it out when you get a chance and let me know what you think. I go back and forth with showcasing my people photos and my landscape photos. I hope you enjoy this iteration while it lasts! 🙂

I want to do more work with people in my new state of Colorado. I am definitely not lacking in nature subjects! With this focus, I want to show this side of my work more clearly. I gravitate toward natural light (outdoors) portraits anyways, so the combination of my landscape love and people should make for some fun images.

If you know anyone in the greater Denver area who may enjoy some fantastic photos of themselves or loved ones, feel free to share my name!

Andy Buckner Portfolio Home Page
Andy Buckner Portfolio Home Page

That [brotherly] awkward moment

I like this photo. And not for ANY of the reasons you may be thinking! You see, this is my brother. This shot captured the moment when it hit both of us that we are down at the beach taking shirtless photos…’sexy’ photos, if you will. And yeah, it was awkward and funny. But hey, that’s what brothers are for, right? Do the things together that you would be too uncomfortable to do with strangers – but in the end it is actually way more uncomfortable. Perfect.

This is Matt and he is my big brother!


Go into the light

I’m a little late to the spooky party…but here is my contribution to this devilish time of year! Believe it or not, this is actually in Hawaii! A forest high on the side of a Volcano in the clouds. It was pretty serene actually, but it came out kinda creepy if you imagine it being Halloween on the night of a full moon and a Werewolf chasing you….


trees in fog_Halloween

The best camera…

…is the one in your pocket, or the saying goes something like that. While I will leave that up to debate for you guys, here is a picture from my HTC One X cell phone. Not too shabby, right? This was taken at the gardens inside The Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

Getty Garden

I am Mandy Made!

Hi everyone! I really good buddy of mine, Mandy, has been selling these amazingly fun, handcrafted cards for a while now. She makes each set one card at a time, putting all her attention and energy into each and every card, wow! I recently took a few photos for her website and wanted to share them with you. The detail and overall vibe from her cards are so much more engaging than the store-bought cards. I encourage you to check out her site and hit her up if you have any needs. She does scrapbooks, weddings, special occasions, business events, or just if you need one or two cards. Mandy even did all the invites, announcements, and table cards for my wedding! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Mandy Made February 2013-83

Mandy Made February 2013-98

Mandy Made February 2013-122

Mandy Made February 2013-135

Mandy Made February 2013-140

Mandy Made February 2013-150

Mandy Made February 2013-181

Mandy Made February 2013-184

Mandy Made February 2013-216

Mandy Made February 2013-273

Mandy Made February 2013-310

Portraits of a Zombie Killer

I recently had the pleasure of shooting some portraits for a good friend. It was a blast getting out and taking the photos below! We found an area with a barn and some farmland (rare) and took advantage setting, which was fun by itself.

Being the scary film buff that she is (read: Zombies), she was ecstatic when she found a pitch fork lying on the ground – she had to take some pictures with this weapon, er, tool! I was thinking ‘classic American farmer’ style picture – she was thinking ‘classic American girl zombie killer’ picture! 🙂















The 3 Amigos

Say hello to the Three Amigos! The little on in the middle, Sarah, thinks she runs the show, so I let her sit in the middle to make her happy. The one on the left, Skippy, is Sarah’s brother. He is a happy Teddy Bear and will do anything you ask him to because he loves you. The one on the right, Squiggie, is Skippy and Sarah’s cousin. He was visiting this Easter weekend and these three had a great time playing!

I had to snap this shot as a reminder of these little guys since Squiggie had to go home. It isn’t the clearest, I had to hurry because they don’t sit still long. Besides that, I love this picture because these guys are such good boys… and girl 🙂

Here’s to man’s best friend!

B&W Fun

I received a new lens tonight and wanted to try it out! Below is a picture of a piece of wall art I have in my house and a self picture. I played with these and turned them into B&W and really liked the results! So, have a great day/night and here’s to having fun: