Playing in the Rain

There was something magical about this sight to me. Maybe it was the fact that these children were playing carefree in the rain and this reminded me of a carefree time in my life. Or maybe it was the dramatic natural sunlight breaking through the forest canopy. It probably had a little bit to do with both of these reasons. Right when I swang my camera up to capture this photo, the young girl stared right at me, as if waiting for me all along. I had a pretty long zoom on my camera, so I wasn’t very close, which made all the more intriguing.




While visiting my family for Labor Day, my favorite niece and nephew were on the loose! They are fantastic kids, always having fun and always being loving. I miss them already! Here they are in full Caleb and Bella effect [oh, and I snuck a couple shots from around the house that caught my eye too :)]


Bella having fun




Caleb looking at Aunt Ifeta in anticipation of the next game


Concentrating on something super improtant

Having a blast in the pool


Father and Son


Having a blast


Our diving board that is older than me




She has a peaceful look


Bella just after she “fell” in to the pool


Just before she “fell” into the pool (she was dunking her head)


Caleb not exactly sure what I am doing, but nonetheless, content with it 🙂


This is Bella immediately after she put her makeup on…