Snow? What’s that?

Coming from the deserts and beaches of California, we aren’t too familiar with snow….fast forward to us living in Colorado and that is quickly changing! We find ourselves going outside in heavy snow to just wander around and be in it, which is fun! Totally new life experiences for us that I am glad we will be able to look back on.


My snow princess!

Snow Princess


Rocky Mountain National Park

First of all, Happy December! Hasn’t this year flown by? Sheesh.

Anyways – I just visited the Rocky Mountain National Park for the first time this last weekend…and it was absolutely beautiful, epic, awe-inspiring. The image below is a glimpse into this place’s beauty which delivers abundantly on a grand scale and on smaller, more intimate levels. I definitely plan on going back for more exploration. I captured this image while standing on

For those of you that have been here before, are there any recommended hikes/spots you would suggest visiting? I am very open to suggestions!

Rocky Mountain National Park


This is me getting the shot above. Standing on the ice-covered stream made it that much more fun!


Gettin the shot

Let’s Get Social!

Hey everyone! Now that Instagram came out with web pages, kinda similar to Facebook, I wanted to share mine! I figured I might as well make mention of the other social avenues I have to connect too: Google+, Facebook, Portfolio….Follow me, say hi, send me a message – whatever floats your boat!



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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

Snowy Path


Have a Seat

This bench was standing all alone out in the middle of a park during a fresh snow storm in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Complete with a red bow, it seemed to ask any passerby to partake of its purpose and have nice relaxing seat. The 15 degree weather and fresh snow gave a convincing argument as to why not to do this though… In any case, it was a beautiful scene in person – completely quiet with all sounds muffled by the falling snow, the ground totally free of any signs of movement – peaceful.